Apr 27, 2008

Down and Out in Wyandotte

(Wyandotte, MI) I never got a chance to talk with this disabled man in Wyandotte's Bishop Park. I first noticed him wheeling himself along the Detroit River while I was attending an outdoor family function. He did not appear to be a panhandler, though the presence of a sleeping bag suggested that the man might be homeless.

By the time I disengaged from the party, the subject of my interest had climbed from his chair and fallen asleep in the warm spring breezes, using his winter coat as a pillow. I thought it would be poor form to roust the snoozing man from his slumber just for the benefit of my own curiosity, or to question him about something equally absurd, like his choice in cell phone amplifiers.

So I continued my own walk along the riverfront, pausing to thank God for my own blessings and feeling grateful that my lot in life includes a house in a quiet neighborhood and the opportunity to choose from a number of enjoyable and fulfilling employment options.

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steve said...

He's probably an Iraq war veteran enjoying the benefits of an appreciative America.