Apr 14, 2008

Launch of a News Site - Daily Source

I know, I know - the last thing you need is another way to waste time on the Internet, but I found the debut of Daily Source to be worthy of mention. The site is produced by a public service, nonprofit organization that sets the lofty goal of becoming the highest quality news site on the Internet.

Site visitors gain access to news and commentary from over a thousand publications, including daily papers, television network sites, newsmagazines, journals, and blogs. Unlike sites with a decidedly political slant to the news, such as the DrudgeReport or the Huffington Post, Daily Source places the emphasis squarely on accuracy, fairness, and truth.

The site has a paid staff of experienced journalists from across the United States, including Yvonne Lee, who prior to joining the Daily Source won an Emmy for her work covering September 11 for CNN, and Vince Winkel, who has won 20 awards for excellence in broadcast and online journalism while working for media outlets like CBS, NPR, CNN, and the BBC.

No, this is not a paid plug - just a brief testimonial from a site visitor who is impressed with the launch of the Daily Source, and from a person who does not reach for a Riedel wine glass when a plastic cup will do.

1 comment:

microdot said...

I found it comprehensive, but lacking depth and it covered the same stories in much the same manner as CNN or any othr major news organization.
That is not very much of a criticism, because they do collect stories from many sources for those who want a one stop information service with out too much editorial opinion.
I give it 4 out of 10..