Apr 29, 2008

Pet Killer Lurking in West Toledo?

(Toledo, OH) Pet owners in the area might want to keep a closer watch on their animals, at least if signs posted on area telephone poles are any indication. The picture on your left was taken at Violet Road and Willis Boulevard, which is behind the Hooter's location on Monroe Street.

The signs, however, do not provide contact information or specifics on the purported killing, so I was unable to follow up with the grieving pet owners. I did not see any references in local media, either, so I'll be cross-posting this on some local bulletin boards.

Still, the creators of the signs have taken quite a bit of time to design an eye-catching notice, leading me to believe that their painstaking efforts are the work of angry residents and not pranksters.

If you have any information about this disturbing situation, feel free to contact me via email or in the Comments section. I know that I will be even more vigilant in supervising outside time for my dogs with the possibility of an animal-killing sick freak.

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Mad Jack said...

I don't know if the person is still there, but at one time there was someone who liked to kill dogs and cats living in the vicinity of Flanders Rd., Sylvania, North of Alexis.

The real problem is that there is no practical way to see if other pets in the area have come up missing, and not due to the efforts of the Lucas County Dog Killer.