Apr 26, 2008

Vicious Dog Fight Picture

Truth be told, I used the above post headline as a shameless traffic-drawing technique, since 200 people will now visit my site in the next hour for this ho-hum picture. I'm not sure who this reflects more poorly on: me, for preying on the craving that Net surfers have for violence, or the sick freaks who enjoy watching dogs fighting.

My two-year-old Puggle, Eddie Haskell, got into a dust-up with a Miniature Pinschser that we are currently fostering as I was taking pictures of tulips, and I happened to snap their picture just as they both jumped up in the air during their short-lived battle. In fact, no fur even flew during this bilateral attempt to assert canine dominance, and a quick "knock it off" returned the pooches to a state of camaraderie.

Too bad we couldn't use the same technique with, say, George W. Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "GWB: knock it off, or I'll get the water spray bottle!" or "Mahmoud: BAD DOG!"

If that day comes, I volunteer to be the Keeper of the Spray Bottle of Diplomacy.


Mad Jack said...

I see the min-pin is unhappy about something... probably Eddie teased him too much.

Mad Jack said...

Ok, here's a potential problem. The font on the word verification feature/bug is such that I'm having a huge amount of difficulty reading the letters.