May 6, 2008

Another Split Decision: Obama and Clinton Trade Victories in NC, IN

Photo montage courtesy of ABC News

To the surprise of almost no one, senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama each won a state primary tonight, meaning that the deadlocked battle for the Democratic nomination will likely fester for a few more weeks. Obama started the day with some 1,745.5 delegates - while Clinton had 1,608 pledged delegates - out of the 2,025 needed for the nomination.

A state court order forced Indiana polls to remain open until 7:00 pm CST to handle the high voter turnout. This extension did not help a group of 10 retired nuns in South Bend, who were denied ballot access because they could not produce a photo ID.

Despite an overwhelming victory for Obama in North Carolina, the Illinois senator once again failed to capture an important Rust Belt state, and Clinton's arguments about Obama failing to connect with white working class voters gained some credibility tonight.

So Americans face at least four more weeks of this electoral stalemate, and the only people who are happy about this prospect are John McCain supporters. There have to be quite a few smiles at the Republican national headquarters over another month of the two Democrats attacking each other and spending tens of millions of more dollars that cannot be saved for November.

The only bright spot for me is that tonight's results were decisive enough so that I did not have to stay up past midnight waiting for the news. It's time to shut off MSNBC and get back to my research.

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Anonymous said...

Hillary would rather kill the Dem's chances in 2008 than quit.