May 1, 2008

Department of Visual Proverbs

(Lambertville, MI) My habit of carrying a digital camera with me on my travels often yields opportunities to take unusual pictures that might otherwise be missed. The scene on your left is from a stable on Secor Road a few miles north of the Ohio border, and my equine subject was kind enough to provide an example of the old adage about greener grass and the other sides of fences.

Of course, only geeks like me waste their time making these sorts of mental connections, and I sometimes wonder if life would be more rewarding if more of it was being spent on living in the moment, instead of searching for meaning and insight all the time.

Smile, pet the friendly horse, feed it a carrot, smell the alfalfa - that sort of thing.


Jake said...

Haha! Was this before or after I said "Peace out, Girl Scout"?

historymike said...

That would be before, during my trip northward through the rolling fields of Monroe County.

Carol said...

Mike - life is not about the destination. It's all about the journey.

An oldies song says: "Slow down, ya move too fast. Gotta make the mornin' last..."

Remember - dirt and grass have just as wonderful a smell as roses and hyacinths.

mud_rake said...

What else that you could have done during that time period would have given you and us such pleasure? Not much, I'd wager.