May 25, 2008

Memorial Day: Busy as a... Well, You Know!

The Memorial Day weekend used to be a chance for people to catch up on a little sleep, or to travel and visit far-flung relatives. I've noticed over the last few years, though, that many folks end up using the holiday as a time to catch up on work.

Much like the image of the carpenter bee on your left that was working its way through my wiegela bushes today, most of us find the occasional three-day weekend to be little more than an extension of our regular workweeks.

In my own case, I'm using a good deal of my "free" time to fine-tune some distance learning courses I start teaching next week, as well as partaking in the usual lecture prep, grading, and other administrative duties associated with college teaching. In addition, my time was also spent mowing the lawn, planting tomatoes and peppers, and weeding the gardens, and I have yet to spend even one hour in an activity that could be considered relaxing.

A few of my neighbors are also hard at work on a variety of home improvement projects, ranging from new roofs to new decks to painting. The only neighbors who seemed to be taking it easy this weekend are the same ones who spend most of their time goofing off.

I'm just not sure if these people are the "lazy" ones, or that they have figured out something about the genius of slackery the rest of us could stand to learn. Maybe the rest of us are the fools, the ones who work seven days a week and spend too many of their holidays catching up on work that could just as easily wait until Tuesday.

Yet the carpenter bee drones on, milking my wiegelas and drilling holes in my garage or wine racks, no matter what the day of the week is.

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Jake said...

I never really considered Memorial a real holiday, you know? Not like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or National Hangover Day. In fact, I volunteered to work tomorrow. Time and a half!