May 2, 2008

On Old Barns and Photo Editing

Left: Unedited image of an old country barn

(Ida, MI) On my way to work I often pass the dilapidated old barn pictured on your left. I find rundown barns to be interesting, in part due to their longevity and also because of the sense of continuity that old barns have with the past.

Moreover, an old barn becomes a home to a wide variety of animals after its years of regular service to humans ends. I think that creaky old barns are rarely torn down, but that the earth slowly swallows them up.

So I paused yesterday to take some photos of this particular barn, a building that is more than an acquaintance to me since I have looked at it many dozens of times.

Left: Edited image of an old country barn

After I uploaded my images, though, I began to experiment with my image editing program. When I turned the image into a black-and-white photo, adding a touch of contrast and reducing the brightness, the result was an image that was almost frightening.

The once-friendly old barn seemed to take on an air of menace, and the shadows could be hiding almost any lurking terror. The barn now seemed like part of a set on a film like The Blair Witch Project.

I no longer want to ask the owner for a tour of the barn.

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Carol said...

Old barns have a majesty all their own. Some will even "talk" to you. Just imagine the stories they tell, the secrets they hold ...