May 11, 2008

Woodpecker's Lair

I came across this dead tree in a local metropark yesterday, and I attempted to get some pictures of the woodpecker that had been engaging in architectural modifications on the 20-foot high rotting trunk. Unfortunately, the bird was not interested in my photographic endeavors, and it ducked inside the avian sanctuary to get away from prying human eyes.

As I reviewed my digital files later. I thought that the tree trunk bore more than a passing resemblance to a medieval castle battlement, offering shelter to inhabitants while making the work of intruders like me more difficult. The pecked holes looked like crenels, though I did not see any projectiles hurtling toward me via angry woodpeckers.

Then again, I've been fighting off a flu bug for the past few days, so I readily admit my interpretation of the tall stump might border on the delusory. Of course, being under the waeather means that my appetite has decreased, making me less likely to search online for diet pill reviews.

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