Jul 25, 2008

On Barack Obama, Perceived Media Bias, and PWNing John McCain

Senator Barack Obama in front of a crowd of more than 200,000 in Berlin on Thursday (Jae C. Hong/Associated Press)

While surfing the local blogosphere I came across a post at Glass City Jungle about the flurry of fawning media reports in light of Barack Obama's successful tour of Europe and Israel the past week. A local columnist named Marilou Johanek - certainly not a part of any arch-conservative, anti-Obama cabal - took to task network anchors for their almost sycophantic coverage of the Illinois senator in his various campaign events overseas, a sort of collective adoration of Obama that seemingly borders on veneration.

Part of this Obama-mania might indeed be some media bias, but much of it is undoubtedly the highly skilled Obama campaign team and the relatively inept John McCain bunch. Simply put: the Obama team is flat-out schooling McCain's advisers.

The reason why Obama defeated Hilary Clinton has less to do with any laudatory characteristics of the Illinois senator (excepting his oratorical skills) but that he simply ran a superior campaign, while the Clintons never seemed to be able to consistently articulate messages that resonated with voters.

I know that the Republicans reading this post might not want to hear this, but McCain will get stomped in November with his current menu of tired and worn-out strategies. Obama can be beaten, but the existing mantra of "John McCain is a great American, an expert on Iraq, and a political maverick" is going nowhere fast.

Give the media something interesting, and they will cover it. Give the media chicken dinners and high fives with auto workers, and they will snooze.

Now, we might complain with justification that Obama's people have been working hard overseas to get these crowds for photo opportunities, but John McCain could have done the same thing. Instead, he's staging the same sorts of predictable and mundane events he's been known for.

Now, I'm not an Obama fanatic by any stretch, but I have to give his campaign staff credit for getting their candidate an unprecedented amount of global coverage at a time of the election year when presidential candidates normally can't even bribe their way into very much airtime. This is the middle of the summer vacation season, when typically candidates only make news when they shoot themselves in the metaphorical foot or when they get caught in flagrante delicto with a lover, a congressional page, or while tapping feet in a restroom stall.

John McCain: you are getting PWNED, and continuing on the same course will all but guarantee an Obama victory in November, barring the appearance of a photograph of Barack Obama walking around the Ka'aba seven times and kissing the Black Stone.


Lisa Renee said...

Nice post, let me put my "devil's advocate political hat" on for just a moment though. I think this is more "fresh and new" than it is earned media, it's hard to argue it as earned media since the candidate has not stated anything dramatically new or given concrete ideas. Beyond the typical campaign promises all of them spout.

The problem with "fresh and new" is the more media coverage the more opportunities for people to start to question, "is there more" and the McCain camp has made it clear they'd prefer to be viewed as the underdog. They don't want to be the front runner at this time.

The disparity in the media coverage has helped McCain wake up some of the republicans that fear Obama being elected, and if this type of disparity continues it will continue to do so.

Will it be enough to win? Hard to say but there are so many other variables including the American public's increasing distrust of the media that a continued pattern of pro-Obama behavior could actually cause a backlash as some have and will wonder what the motivation is.

There is also a valid threat that during all of this additional media coverage that Obama will make an error. All it takes is one "Dean Scream" moment to fabricate a huge problem.

Mad Jack said...

We shall see. The gun vote is split, with the gun owners voting for McCain and the anti-gun vote going to Obama. What else is new? The right to life lunatics don't care for either candidate, but they'll vote McCain because Obama is pro-choice.

Both candidates are equally bad. Obama is arrogant to the point of hubris. McCain wants to escalate the war in the Middle East. Congress is being carefully left out of the equation, and this is a Moonbat run Congress.

Face it. We are well and truly hosed.

Randy said...

There is a certain amount of truth to the claim that Sen. Obama has become the "media darling" of this campaign. In every Presidential election, one candidate strikes the fancy of the media--usually, due to superior campaigning. Unfortunately for Sen. McCain, he had his time as the media darling in the 2000 primaries, when he made himself over as the maverick Republican. That is a role he is denied this year: if you're running on promises of "more of the same," you can't be a maverick.

microdot said...

Sorry to write this, but no matter what Obama does or does not do, no matter who John McCain really is or isn't, this campaign hinges on the ability of Obama to put together an organization that can trump the biggest card in the deck.
Pure and simple racism.
I read mainstream media political blogs and it is always there as a veiled theme in the comments.
I read conservative blogs and it's out there flagrantly and violently unembarrassed in its vehemence.
Maybe the trauma of Obama will help America heal its abused child syndrome of its racist history.
It has existed since the colonial history of our nation, it was only 40 some years since the battles of integration were fought and I know, no matter what you say about affirmative action, that itss a long way from being banished from the psyche of America.
Don't kid yourself, just think how many people you know personally who could utter a statement like, "I'm not racist, but I could never vote for a black president."

Anonymous said...

What is PWNing???

mud_rake said...

Both candidates are equally bad. Obama is arrogant to the point of hubris.

They are? Mad Jack- who did you support in the GOP primary?

By the way, no one tops arrogance more than GWB and Dick "dick" Cheney.