Jul 30, 2008

On Jet Lag and Insomnia

(Barcelona) I have never been a person who adapts particularly well to change, and my sleep habits are especially prone to disruption when I travel. As I write this I have been up for three hours in the middle of the Iberian night, waiting for the dawn.

Part of my problem is that I just cannot sleep on an airplane, and my transatlantic trip yesterday was no exception. By the time I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG, for those of you who like airport acronyms) in Paris, I had been awake something like 45 of the previous 48 hours (I also slept little my last night in Ohio). I managed to get about four hours of sleep last night, but I awoke about 2:00 am local time.

Thus, I will take some more sunrise pictures, disinterestedly watch CNN Europe and Sky News for the third consecutive hour, and wait impatiently for the hotel´s breakfast cafe to open so I can get some coffee.

And I will curse the sleep gods who mock me.


Luis said...

If you want restaurant recommendations, I can provide some. :D

microdot said...

Barcelona is one of the hippest cities on the planet these days.
Spain suffered under decades of Franco fascism and now, it is an explosion of creativity, ideas and style!
I saw a report on nouveau cuisine...the latest trend which is making dinner a chemistry experiment (patrons snorting one of the courses like lines of cocaine! It's true!)
and Bacelona is one of the hotbeds of this trend and home to one of the most expensive restaurants on the planet.