Jul 10, 2008

On Unexpected Storms

The weather forecast for today called for sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-80s, conditions favorable for an evening of lawn mowing. I checked the oil on my mower, filled up the gas tank, and started cutting, oblivious to the dark clouds that rolled in.

About ten minutes into my landscaping maintenance, I felt a few raindrops, but I momentarily dismissed this as perspiration from my graying head. A look to the skies, though, confirmed that a goodly storm was a-brewing.

I doubled my pace of cutting, but a heavy downpour drenched my neighborhood, dropping perhaps an inch-and-a-half of rain in 45 minutes. As you can see from the accompanying photograph, this was much more than my saturated lawn could absorb, at least in the short amount of time before dusk. Thus I had to park the mower until better weather returns, and I settled down to watch the rain from my front stoop instead of plopping down like a zombie in front of a viewsonic monitor.

I was not alone in trusting the weather forecasters, and quite a few people in trotted or cycled past my house in the rain. One harried woman ran with her Labrador retriever; she tried to use a jacket to keep her head dry, while her water-loving dog enjoyed stomping through the accumulating puddles.

The sun returned shortly before it was due to set, and the world was wetter but no worse for the heavenly deluge. Steam rose from the still-hot pavement, and I was glad to be watching it from the relative dryness of my porch.

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