Jul 18, 2008

Return of Jesus Christ - in Toledo?

(Toledo, OH) While stuffing my face full of kibbe, lamb, and baklava at the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church festival this evening, I saw a curious bearded man in white robes listening to a Greek pop band warming up. He said not a word to the people around him, and then he walked away, the crowd parting in front of him as he walked toward the church.

I'm not jumping to any conclusions here, but the guy looked pretty familiar, and he looked awfully serious.

Up the front steps of St. George the barefoot stranger climbed, and into the narthex he disappeared. I think I like this image of the man better than when I saw him go into the Port-a-John. My wife frowned when I suggested taking a picture of this Christ-like person coming out of the outdoor toilet, and I suppose it would be poor form had I gotten up the courage to take a picture of Jesus leaving the can.

But it still would have been pretty funny, and I'm suspect that God has a sense of humor about these things.


Lisa Renee said...

Sheesh Mike...you missed a chance to interview JC?

Imagine the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

That's actually a guy by the name of Carl James Joseph, a former Toledo resident and evangelist.

As usual you can find the real story here: