Aug 1, 2008

Barcelona Street Performer

(Barcelona) I know that travelers are advised against hanging around the Barcelona district known as Las Ramblas at night, but I found myself out after dark anyways, and I enjoyed seeing the different sides of life that appear as the sun sets in Catalonia.

Among the more interesting (and less threatening) of the colorful characters that can be seen at night along Las Ramblas are street performers, like the angel pictured on the left. I also saw a 10-foot tall skeleton, a gilded angel, and a painted ship captain, complete with a faux fore and helm.

As I dropped a few coins in the white angel´s box, I was surprised with a deep voice that said "Gracias." I assumed that this was a younger girl, but hey - anything is possible on Las Ramblas. This is a zone in which you might buy live chipmunks as pets, or in which your passport can be swiped before you knew what hit you.

Thriving with life with just a hint of malice: that is Las Ramblas.

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Sergej said...

Almost I forgot: welcome in ye Old World, Mike :)