Aug 12, 2008

Humorous Portuguese Sign

(Santa Maria de Belém) There is something endearing about the seeming lack of concern by the Portuguese to idiot-proof this country. I have walked along the edge of vertical cliffs with 500-foot drop offs that had little in the way of barriers, and I have experienced the white-knuckle driving that is associated with Portuguese freeways, which are notorious for deathly-short entrance ramps, sudden turns, and drivers who think nothing of diving across four lanes of traffic as they exit.

Yet the pictured sign warns of a particularly dire hazard: a parking lot on the edge of the Tagus River that looms twenty feet above the water. More importantly, the parking area lacks those 8-foot concrete parking blocks that we take for granted in the United States in our parking lots.

I looked down, but I did not see any rusting vehicles in the water; either they have all been fished out, or Portuguese drivers are too smart to drive into the Tagus.

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