Aug 7, 2008

Lisboa Skyline

(Lisboa, Portugal) This is my first trip to Portugal and I am finding the country a bit confusing, in large part because I read Portuguese much better than I speak the language. Fortunately, there are many English speakers here, and we can communicate without my linguistic butchery.

The accompanying photograph was taken from my room in the Hotel Corinthia, my first visit to a true 5-star European hotel. Looking north I can see the hills of Sintra, and to the west I can see the Atlantic Ocean. I am looking forward to seeing some of the places about which I have only known through books and maps.

Drivers in the city of Lisboa ("Lisbon" is the Anglified version of the city's name) are a dangerous bunch, though I suspect my lack of familiarity with the roads and the names of districts contibutes to my perception of their collective recklessness. Admittedly I say much the same thing when I visit New York, Boston, or any other major American city with which I am less familiar.

I am now off in search of a meal and some live fado. I trust that the Portuguese are less obsessed with jamon, as I have eaten as much Spanish cured ham as I can possibly stand.


microdot said...

I love Fado! My wife has a collection of cds.
Beware the Piri piri!

historymike said...

Ai! Yes, the piri piri (malagueta pepper) is second only to the habanero.