Sep 1, 2008

Potato Picking

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the urge to plant potatoes is strong in me, and undoubtedly appeals to the inner Irishman that lurks within me and probably composes 40 percent of my DNA. I decided to check on my modest potato crop today after I noticed my dogs had all but killed one of my potato plants with their frequent canine death matches in the yard.

Though edible and tasty, I think that another 3-4 weeks will be necessary to produce potatoes of the size well suited for baking. The largest of these early potatoes was about 10 ounces, while others were quite tiny. All told this small potato plant produced about two pounds of spuds, which is quite an investment return on the quarter-ounce potato eye from which the plant grew.

Ideally I should store my potatoes for a few weeks in a cool, well-ventilated place without sunlight, but I washed one of these Kennebec whites and microwaved it for a quick taste test. While not the most flavorful potato I've ever eaten, there is a certain pride associated with the consumption of food one grows, and I relished the spudly moment in the late afternoon sun.


microdot said...

I wait until the foliage is drying up...I have stackable flat wooden vegetable crates in the dark cave under the house. I dig the spuds up, wash them off and let them dry. Then I obsessively sort them by size.
You are right about storing the potatoes for a few weeks before eating them. I probably won't dig mine up until at least mid october.

Anonymous said...


I have harvested all my yukons, given some away and eaten alot myself. I would say that I averaged 6-8 spuds per plant bunch. Some were really big and most were medium sized. Great boiled with butter, sour cream and chives and made some as baked wedges covered with oil, salt and pepper.

There was nothing like boiling fresh carrots and potatos.

My reds are still in the ground but only have picked one plant totally. That yielded 8 spuds some were very large for reds you normally see in the store.

I am keeping the reds in ground for awhile to extend them out.

Just got the 2nd planting in for the fall: beets, carrots and radishes.

Glad your taters went well.

Dave S.