Oct 26, 2008

Fall Chill, Colors Above

A trip to an apple orchard is not the same without millions of yellow jackets buzzing around, though I can't say that I missed the annoying pests. Still, the cold winds blowing from the northwest reminded me that winter is not far, and I was glad I decided to wear a fleece jacket on our journey in search of pumpkins and cider.

The storm clouds that intermittently passed overhead provided a few minutes of colorful skies around 7:00 pm, and my dying camera battery permitted me a few last photographs of the hues on the celestial canvas. The rest of the family stayed inside, away from the chill and close to the doughnuts and cider, but I was drawn instead to the skies above.

Gloves would have been useful tonight, though using my passport to travel to a distant Mediterranean coast sounded more captivating.


microdot said...

The most miserable day of the year for me is the day we change the time...bah.....

mud_rake said...

I always enjoy the surprise wonderful photo that you post here. Ah, yes, Nature sure knows how to love us.

[how coincidental that the word verification was 'blesses']