Oct 8, 2008

McCain-Palin Ad: "Invest in Victory"

I do not mean to kick a candidate when he is already down in the polls, but perhaps the marketing folks working the John McCain campaign might want to reconsider his "Invest in Victory" slogan in light of the economic collapse we are in.

After all, voters tend to blame the party in power when the economy goes south, and the word "invest" is quite a loaded term at the moment. McCain's electoral road is already perilous enough without the added baggage of additional linkage to the $2.5 trillion in market value that has evaporated recently.


kateb said...

Thanks for the link Mike. I do intend to donate - and I support the McCain Palin ticket. So I appreciate a good shortcut!

ProfessorSeal said...

Hmmm - McCain/Palin voters too stupid to find their own links to throw their money away eh?