Oct 2, 2008

The Quote Shelf

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So I hollered up to God: 'Why is my life so jacked up? Why has all this pain and misery come to me? What did I ever do to deserve all these burdens?' Then I figured it out - God knew that when all I cared about was pimping my ride, chasing women, and getting drunk, I was unteachable and I was unreachable. -- Anonymous street preacher near Cass and Forest in Detroit, MI


Anonymous said...

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction"
--Trotskyist newspaper vendor in front of Old Main, WSU

microdot said...

What sheer poetry, though!

historymike said...

What I liked about this preacher - whose impassioned and articulate homily caused me to stop and listen for a few minutes - was his message of the hidden benefits of tragedy and trauma. Yes, some life events can nearly wreck us, or cause us to rail against God, but we do emerge stronger, wiser, and more receptive to possible changes in thinking.