Nov 4, 2008

2008 Election: Prediction Thread

Like other pundits and bloggers, I cannot resist the temptation to dust off my crystal ball and prognosticate about the election. I will also be glued to the television set, hungrily gobbling up every piece of electoral news like I was a displaced refugee at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Yeah, I know: that was tacky. Sue me.

Feel free to use the comments section to record your own predictions:

256 Democratic House seats
179 Republican House seats
59 Democratic Senate seats
41 Republican Senate seats
367 Electoral Votes - Obama
171 Electoral Votes - McCain
52.1 Obama Popular Vote Percentage
45.1 McCain Popular Vote Percentage
1.9 Nader Popular Vote Percentage
0.9 Barr Popular Vote Percentage


Anonymous said...

Obama 346, McCain 192. Dems get 60 in Senate and 265 in House.


microdot said...

the morning after, I stayed up til' 6am watching...
Congratulations on living in a country which has again become a beacon for the world.
Congratulations on living in a country which has done more to promote the idea of democracy and free elections with this election than all of the attempts to force it on people militarily.

Mad Jack said...

I voted at 5:00 PM CST in Madison, WI. In Wisconsin a person may register to vote on election day. I registered well in advance of the election.

The polling place was very well staffed, both in quality and quantity. It took me about ten minutes to vote.

The line of unregistered voters was longer than the five dollar window at the track, and every single one of them looked like they were in it for the duration.

I'm not surprised Obama won. I'm not even bitterly disappointed. Obama will do a better job than King George I or King George II, and with any luck at all the economy will begin to recover.

The issue I was really concerned about was the proposed merger of Sylvania and Sylvania Township, which was defeated neatly. Message to His Corpulence Craig Stough and His Royal Court of Bootlickers, Toadeaters and Official Sycophants: Stay out of Sylvania Township. You aren't wanted.

Now we'll see if the Democrats are as good as they say they are. You've got four years.

Anonymous said...

Go shot your dinner Mad are obviously more capable of doing manly things than formulating ideas or being pleased with this redeemed country. By the way, don't hit Palin when you slam the door to grab your trusty gun and bible.

microdot said...

I for one, think Mr. Anonymous's billious outburst towards Madjack's comments was uncalled for.
What more can one ask of some one who might not agree with you other than tolerance?
He might agree with you more than you think...but then again.....

Anonymous said...

From Engineer of Knowledge
Hello Mike,
The Republican Party here in the
1st District here in Maryland has also taken notice now after the election. Many of my moderate friends, including Congressman Wayne Gilchrest, all worked and raised money for the Democratic challenger, Frank Kratovil. The Right Wing Nut Job, Andy Harris who back stabbed my good friend Wayne Gilchrest in the Republican primary, was just another Bushy / Cheney like who was going to vote the corporate influence line screwing over the everyday man’s well being. It was a close race and went down to the absentee ballots but as the count went on, Kratovil’s lead just increased. I am now pointing out within the Republican Party, that the extreme conservative religious right no longer has a viable voice here in Maryland. I explain that if the Republican Party is going to have a future, we need to let the “Nut Jobs” know that they are no longer welcome anymore. There already is a political party in existence that is more in line with their views… The John Birch Society.