Nov 10, 2008

Meet Pugsley, a Rescue Puggle

On your left is Pugsley, a 6-month-old, 17-pound Puggle who was rescued from a Northwest Ohio animal shelter. He is a sweet boy who is quite affectionate and playful, and who has many years of love to give the right family.

Pugsley has been with us for just a few days, but he has already won over the people in our house. Though rather active, Pugsley is not a hyperactive dog, and he is fond of curling up on the couch with people to watch TV or read a book.

An intelligent dog, Pugsley already knows a few commands, including "sit" and "down," and he is showing signs of having been housebroken at one point. He gladly joins our other dogs outside to go to the bathroom, but he has had a few accidents in the first week, so his next owners need to be patient with this.

Pugsley does not appear to have any negative traits so far, and he will happily go for car rides, walks, or any similar activity. He pulls a bit on the leash, so his new owners will need to work with him on appropriate walking behaviors. To learn more about adopting Pugsley or any other Toledo-area rescue dogs, visit the Planned Pethood website for more details.

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