Nov 23, 2008

New Addition to the Family

In the accompanying photo, our Puggle Eddie Haskell lies next to Chauncey, a 6-month-old Puggle we had been fostering. Chauncey, on the right, was so lovable that we decided to adopt him, and the two dogs paused from an afternoon of romping around the house to take a nap.

The two Puggles are near-constant companions, and they run, play, fight, and sleep together. Chauncey provides the higher energy and exercise that Eddie did not get from our older dogs, and I must admit that having a puppy around adds an infectious element of curiosity and playfulness that influences even the older dogs.

Like me, for example.


Lisa Renee said...

It's always great when they get along, my two still have more moments where there is more hate than love.


Molly said...

Ha! I saw he'd been adopted, and wondered if he was Eddie's little brother now.

Chauncey is a much nicer name, too.

Dackmont said...

I can see why you decided to adopt him, super adorable dog. Lucky for both him and your family, especially Eddie! Puggles seem like a nice hybrid -- longer muzzle compared to purebred Pugs, so they're not so snuffly & wheezy.

Being desirous of adding pets to my petless family, I'm gonna start with a couple guinea pigs, then upgrade to canines if it seems right. (My kid likes dogs in theory; geeked in practice. Needs a nice, mellow couch potato kind of dog. Like me, for example.)

Carol said...

Wow Mike! That's a couple of handsome little guys ya got there!

Thanks for opening your home and your heart to them. You know they are an everlasting source of enjoyment.

Happy Thanksgiving!