Nov 4, 2008

Ohio Polling: Lined Up Out the Door

(Toledo, OH) In order to beat the mad rush of voters, I decided to arrive early at my local poll station. Unfortunately, at least 50 other voters showed up before I did, and I had a 45-minute wait before I cast my 2008 vote.

By the time I left, there were over 100 people in line, a queue that extended out the door of the building. This is easily the busiest I have ever seen this particular polling station, and the election workers scrambled to keep up with the crowd. We elected to use paper ballots instead of standing in a 15-person line to use the touch-screen machines.

In an unofficial exit poll of Brooks family voters, Barack Obama scored four votes, while two voters declined to publicly declare for a candidate. These figures represent a swing of one vote toward Obama in the past weeks, or a 33 percent increase in Obama voters from 3 to 4.

Left: Local canines less-than-enthusiastic about the election

Canines in our house reportedly offered to vote for the candidate most likely to provide dog treats on demand. Our Puggle, Eddie Haskell, demonstrated equal support for both Obama and McCain in an unofficial poll in which the following question was asked:

"Would the GOOD BOY EDDIE like to cast a DOGGY-WOGGY vote for Barack Obama?"

"Would the GOOD BOY EDDIE like to cast a DOGGY-WOGGY vote for John McCain?"

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dr-exmedic said...

In addition to your family member's change of heart, apparently there are plenty of people voting for Obama that wouldn't be immediately obvious supporters.