Dec 19, 2008

Ohio Ice Storm

Since we were on the southern edge of the massive winter storm that ripped through the Midwest and the Great Lakes the last two days, folks in Northwest Ohio woke this morning to find a half-inch layer of ice over the snow and freezing rain that fell last night. Pictured on your left is a branch from my red maple, and the leaf stems looked to me like the icy fingers of some frozen wraith hanging down to try and claw unsuspecting passersby.

Shoveling the driveway has been an exercise in frigid futility, as the newer accumulations of rain, snow, and sleet create fresh layers of ice. Even salt is of little use, as it melts the old ice while getting recovered by the new.

I am only glad that I ran errands yesterday, and it is entirely possible that I will not have to drive anywhere until tomorrow.

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Lisa Renee said...

I didn't leave my house yesterday and I don't plan to today. It is however a very pretty view from the windows but as close to going out in it has been to encourage the dogs to go out in it. Miguel had to clear the ice on the back deck since our older dog decided she was not going out there, no matter what.