Dec 28, 2008

On Record Warm Weather and Blustery Winds

A high-pressure system from the south brought unseasonably warm temperatures to Northwest Ohio, and Toledo Express Airport recorded a new high temperature of 65 degrees at 4:56 p.m. yesterday. The weather was so warm that I opened the windows in my bedroom before going to bed last night.

The two-inch layer of ice that accumulated on my street over the past week melted in the blast of warm air, meaning that side streets like mine in Toledo are no longer slickened death traps. However, that also meant that there was heavy fog most of the day, and my trip north to visit my parents yesterday was a bit treacherous, with thick blankets of fog reducing visibility on US-23 to mere yards in some patches.

However, my glee at the warm weather was short-lived, as a cold front ripped through the region last night. The winds were so loud that I woke up startled about 4:15 am, and the moaning gusts sounded almost like that dreaded train rumbling of an approaching tornado.

Lightning, sheets of rain, and the low growl of thunder are odd phenomena in late December, but I'm not going to scream "global warming" because of a freakish weather pattern.

This morning I awoke to a yard that looked rather like a war zone, with large branches and toppled trash cans strewn about. Even my solar landscaping lights had been flattened, despite the fact that a four-inch spike anchors each of them into the ground.

Welcome back, winter.


dr-exmedic said...

This really has been weather-by-pendulum, as my wife calls it, hasn't it?

Hooda Thunkit said...

It's that darned Global Warming...

The Polar Bears are all gonna drown (NOT!)