Jan 5, 2009

Andrea Bocelli - Santa Lucia Luntana

I recently heard Andrea Bocelli sing the beautiful song "Santa Lucia Luntana," and my dogs joined me in howling along with the famed tenor. It was a grand moment in canine-human camaradeire, though I am not sure that the dogs understod the Italian well, and our combined voices created a racket more akin to power air tools than a choir.

Actually, I struggled with the Italian as well, and I could not find a decent English translation of this song, which expresses the longing of a Neapolitan far removed from his treasured homeland. Here then are the original lyrics:

Partono 'e bastimente
p' 'e terre assaje luntane,
cantano a buordo e so' napulitane!
Cantano pe' tramente
'o golfo già scompare,
e 'a luna, 'a miez' 'o mare,
'nu poco 'e Napule
lle fa vede'...

Santa Lucia,
luntana 'a te
quanta malincunia!
Se gira 'o munno sano,
se va a cerca' furtuna,
ma quanno sponta 'a luna
luntana a Napule
nun se po' sta!

And here is my workmanlike translation:

The ships are leaving
For far away lands,
The Neapolitans sing on board,
They sing while in the sunset
The bay disappears
And the moon above the sea
Gives them a last look at Naples.

Santa Lucia,
Far away from you
What melancholy!
We circle the whole world,
We seek our fortunes,
But when the moon rises
Far away from Naples
You can't stay away.

Anyways, feel free to critique my Italian, or to finish the translation of the rest of the lyrics, or just enjoy Bocelli. Yeah, some stuffy opera critics think he's a sellout and overrated, but I like his version of "Santa Lucia Luntana," and the opera geeks can kiss my semi-cultured ass.


microdot said...

I wish my dog would sing along with me.

Mad Jack said...

Mama's don't let yer babies grow up to be cowboys.
Don't let 'em pick guitars and ride in old trucks
Let 'em be doctors and lawyers and such

Pass me another Bud, I'm dry.