Jan 10, 2009

Meet Vernal and Pippy, Rescue Affenpinschers

Pictured on your left are Vernal and Pippy, a pair of 10-pound
Affenpinschers. The breed designation is a German word for “monkey dog.” Their wiry black hair is simple to maintain and requires hardly any grooming, and a bath and a brush is all they need to keep that monkey hair tamed.

These dogs were litter mates, and they do everything together. Since they are so closely bonded, we would prefer that they get adopted together. They are quite the pair, and run around the house like a couple of Ewoks. Vernal, the male, is a bit more reserved, while Pippy, the female, is slightly more playful, but both appear to be happy, well-adjusted dogs.

Both dogs are quite affectionate and like to cuddle on the couch with people. They do not bark much, and their bark is kind of muffled and raspy, not like the whiny yippiness of some small breeds. In spite of their small size, both dogs gleefully romped around in the 10 inches of snow that fell in our yard today.

To learn more about adopting these Affenpinschers or any other Toledo-area rescue dogs, visit the Planned Pethood website for more details.

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Mad Jack said...

You get to have all the fun! Those two look like a dog party waiting to happen.