Jan 22, 2009

Toonces Without a Cause

I am not sure why I find so hilarious the recurrent Saturday Night Live skit of Toonces the Driving Cat. Likely the part of me that appreciates absurdist humor plays a part, but the the escapades of Toonces tap some hidden part of my psyche I cannot quite define.

Here is one of the better episodes, where the rebellious Toonces falls in with a tough crowd:

It did not surprise me to learn today that the Toonces concept was created by SNL writer Jack Handey, he of "Deep Thoughts" fame, a feature I also enjoyed during the near-decade Handey's work was a staple.

So laugh, groan, or cry along with Toonces and his various owners, but remember: TOONCES LIVES.


steve said...

Toonces was always one of my favorites! My wife and I named one of our cats Toonces, but unfortunately Toonces passed away a couple of years ago from Feline Leukemia. We have one cat left, "Chubs", who is still hanging in there. If we get another cat, I'd like to name it "Mr Bigglesworth", the best cat name ever.

microdot said...

I've had a cat of unknown age... a strange breed that seems to be the Welsh Cymric...tailess, short legs, compact football shaped body and a flat face with little ears...in other words, an animal that looks like it belongs in a medieval painting.

In our fantasy world, Mirabelle the cat remains a rebellious disturbed goth teen...I've been promising her to teach her to drive for ages...as a ploy, but lately, she's seen through my duplicity.