Feb 6, 2009

Department of History Puns

I was lecturing yesterday about eighteenth century Vietnam, and the discussion turned to the French and their early colonial aims in the region. I informed the class that the French made a wise move in their choice of noble families to back in the dynastic struggle.

"This was the classic Nguyen-win situation, " I intoned, mostly to a silent class.


You see, the pronunciation of this famous Vietnamese last name is kind of like hwin, and I cleverly morphed it into...ahem...oh, never mind. Only a geek like me could find this wordplay funny.


dr-exmedic said...

It was probably too close to the pronunciation of "win," and most of them probably thought you pronounced the N and the G anyhow.

mud_rake said...

Kids these days are not too-well attuned to 'hearing' puns, let alone understanding them. That subtle form of humor seems to be fading away in our culture.

Barga said...

is it sad that this is the sort of thing the I love from my teachers?