Feb 25, 2009

Idiotic Drudge Report Headline

Click on image for larger display of this especially craven Drudgery

It is no surprise that Matt Drudge, he of Drudge Report fame, feels no love for new President Barack Obama. After all, Drudge is unapologetically right wing in his politics, and he frequently creates deceptive headlines that put Obama in a negative light.

Fair enough in this era of journalists-as-political-shills.

Yet I had to chuckle at Drudge's desperate efforts to tie today's stock market fluctuations with President Obama's speech to Congress last night. The major U.S. indices finished down about 1 percent today, but they recovered from much steeper losses earlier in the afternoon.

But look in the upper left hand corner at what Drudge linked: "HOME SALES SINK TO 12-YEAR LOW..." This was the financial news that really rattled Wall Street today, and I find it amusing that the pathetic Drudge and his staffers could be so willfully oblivious to their own front page.

Let alone - dare I dream? - that Matt Drudge should actually try to just report the news and participate in thoughtful analysis.


Anonymous said...

Why do you even read that vile website, Mikey? I'd have to take a shower if someone even said "drudge" near me.

Anonymous said...

As a drudge addict, I forget what page he linked to under that headline.

The market seems to be waiting and moving depending on which government official says what.

Expecting bias free news (or headlines), as you know, is silly. Bias is everywhere since people are biased.


Anonymous said...


I found it

"Biased" Yahoo is to blame. Headline drudge linked to:

"Wall Street sinks as Obama warns of oversight"


historymike said...

Meh - it is still a helluva stretch, even if he found a media outlet with that spin.

Also: what's the deal with Drudge running the same Obama-with-tux-and-champagne pictures for the past week?


(image used 2/26/09)

It's going to be a hard sell if Drudge wants to make Obama out to be a Wall Street blueblood, like he's some sort of Rockefeller wining and dining while the nation's pitiful unemployed line up in soup kitchens with the song "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" playing in the background.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Axelrod that said the stock market does not matter. They are doing what they are doing. I wouldn't accuse Obama of being a Wall Street blueblood, but the market pays attention to what is going on in Washington.


Mad Jack said...

Drudge is so far to the right that he's likely to slam head in into Al Franken as they both come around the back stretch in opposite directions.

Neither Drudge nor his Right Wingnut cohorts will publish anything remotely resembling thoughtful analysis anymore than the Moonbats will do the same. Both groups remind me of two tribes of primates screaming and throwing new and used food at each other.

Middle Aged Woman said...

With a title like that, I expected a much longer post.

Anonymous said...

Drudge doesn't publish anything. He links to news websites.

And the mainstream media may hate him, but they all follow what is on his site.


microdot said...

Drudge is so, like over, man....
So is the stock market....

Anonymous said...

Hey DickWads, your saviour has done nothing but push the market deeper into oblivion since 1/20/2009!! Some saviour huh!! You frigg'n idiots who voted for the "cur" are as much to blame, because you put him there!!