Feb 15, 2009

Odd Duck Out

One of my favorite relaxation pastimes is to observe the flock of ducks that populate the park near my house. Due to some kind neighbors who provide corn and bird seed in the winter, we have as many as 150 ducks gathering at any given moment.

The vast majority of these ducks are Mallards, with a few hybrid ducks in the flock. This winter, though, there is a new arrival: a white-feathered Pekin duck, which is the most popular commercially-bred duck and one that provides most of the duck meat eaten by humans.

This duck must thus be on the lam, a regular fugitive from Anatidae justice. I suppose that any bird seed I toss his way will then make me an accessory to the crime, but I will deal with that problem later. For the moment I will simply enjoy watching the interaction between my aquatic friends.

1 comment:

mikeb302000 said...

Yeah, that one's definitely a runaway. I wish him well. Thanks for assisting.