Mar 16, 2009

First Flowers of Spring

On a walk with my wife and dogs through the neighborhood this afternoon, we spotted the first flowers of spring, at least by our reckoning. One of our neighbors had quite a few white and lavender crocuses blooming in the 55 degree spring sun.

In our own gardens, my wife and I have been at a crocus impasse for several years now. I prefer all my flowers to be in their designated areas, while my wife has visions of planting crocus bulbs all over our lawn in the fall. She wants to be able to look out on a spring day like today and see hundreds of crocuses popping up all over the lawn, while the traditionalist in me (read: anal retentive) believes that flowers belong in well-defined areas.

I suspect that she will win out this fall, but for the moment, we have to gaze upon the crocuses of others.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Your wife and I think along the same lines ;-)

ProfessorSeal said...

So Michael, have you taken your major field exam yet? (think back to this morning, then laugh).

historymike said...

Yes, I think you and my wife have the right idea, Hooda. I'll get over it next spring when I see the crocuses bloom.

historymike said...


You'd better behave, or I will remove you from my Amazon Friends page or something.