Mar 22, 2009

Ingenious Bird's Nest

While wandering around the back forty of my grandparents' house yesterday with my camera, I saw what I first thought to be a large solitary bird about 100 feet up in an old poplar tree. As I drew closer, I nest thought that this was a wasp nest, but it turned out to be a bird's nest.

This, however, was not just any old bird's nest, as its creators used some sort of twine or thread to more securely suspend the nest in between branches of the poplar. Despite some brisk spring breezes, the nest seemed to float in between the branches like schooner riding ocean waves.

I did not see the occupants of the nest, and for all I know it might be vacant, though I doubt the human housing crisis has affected the lot of our avian friends. In fact, the availability of so many more empty human habitations might mean that birds have fewer nests to build, since they can have their pick of empty attics and garages for the foreseeable future. Heck, they might even be able to pick through useless human supplies like Colonix kits or Bo-Flex machines, should they so desire.

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