Mar 23, 2009

Meet Bach, a Rescue Cocker Spaniel

Pictured on your left is Bach, a male 17-pound cocker spaniel who is about two years old. He is a friendly and affectionate dog who was rescued from a dog pound in a western Ohio.

Bach seems to have learned socialization well in his previous home, and he gets along well with both people and other dogs. Though he is fully grown, Bach probably needs about 3-4 more pounds on his somewhat emaciated frame, as you can feel his bones poking out from under his coat when you pet him.

Bach knows a few commands already, and he is not aggressive with food or toys. His new owners will have to reinforce housebreaking, though he seems to know that outdoors is the preferred destination for his business. He likes to sleep in a bed with people, as it does not appear that he was crate trained.

One of Bach's many assets is his interesting blend of coat colors. Underneath his fur is a darker reddish-orange, but he has lots of streaks of blond highlights that create quite the handsome effect. The blond hair on the top of his head looks like a wild toupee right now, but one of the fun parts of owning a long-haired dog like Bach is that his owners can give him a new style every time he gets groomed, if they so choose.

To learn more about adopting Bach or any other Toledo-area rescue dogs, visit the Planned Pethood website for more details.

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