Mar 25, 2009

Prayer Request for a Baby

I am not much for asking for help from others, having an independent streak in me a mile wide, but this is one of those moments where I have no other choice but to swallow my pride.

Pictured on your left is my infant niece Elena in a recent picture with my 93-year-old grandfather. Elena was diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot at birth, and she currently just came out of open heart surgery. Unfortunately, after a few episodes needing CPR last night, the doctors stopped Elena's heart from functioning altogether and placed her on a bypass machine. Elena's uncontrollable blood pressure was in danger of causing the rest of her organs to shut down.

The current goal is to reduce swelling and the tremendous amount of body fluid that they believe may be causing too much resistance in her blood flow. When that has been accomplished, Elena's heart will once again be started.

Anyways, this is one of those moments where prayers sure cannot hurt. Of course, given the ne'er-do-wells and malcontents who visit this blog, God might have a good chuckle at the sudden influx of supplications from this bunch, but He always listens, right?

So if you are the praying type, keep this baby in your prayers today.


Anonymous said...

She is in my prayers, Mike.


Molly said...

Aw, that's sad. Way too much for a baby to have to go through. I hope she's on her way back to a full recovery soon. (I love her name too.)
One thing you might mention if they haven't already found it, is the is a great site for creating your own webpage to keep people updated.

historymike said...

Thanks, JD.

historymike said...

Thanks, Molly. They are using a similar site called Same deal, but limited only to people you give permission to see the site.

Mad Jack said...

I'll pray for her and her family as well. Seems like kind of a raw deal for a little kid, but I'll bet the whole family is so stressed out they can't see straight.

Historychic said...

Any update on Elena? She has been in my prayers.

historymike said...

Thanks, Historychic, and here is the update for today from Elena's private CarePages website:

The ICU is an amazing place full of the latest technology, constant beeps and flashing lights and never, ever, a dull moment. Elena has two nurses assigned exclusively to her care 24/7 working in 12 hour shifts. And two parents getting in the way as they manage the myriad of systems. We are in grateful awe of the people who are capable of maintaining such a perfect and logical order to the land of chaos. We send a gigantic thank you to the doctors and nurses and all of the support staff who strive for excellence in everything they do.

Elena has been working hard all weekend and her condition has vastly improved. Today, in a process they refer to as a "trial," they removed her from the life support system, the heart bypass machine. She did very well for about 3 hours with her own little heart doing all the work. However, for several reasons, they decided to return the work of her heart to the machine. The plan is to have another trial tomorrow. Baby steps. But she is making some progress with each and every step. Thanks for checking in and for all the love she's being sent from so many directions.