Apr 18, 2009

Meet Sissy, a Rescue Dachshund

Pictured on your left is Sissy, a 6-month-old, 7-pound miniature Dachshund who was rescued from a county dog pound in Northwest Ohio. Still a puppy, Sissy is full of the enthusiasm that goes along with being young and being a dog.

Sissy is quite affectionate, and if she gets close to your face she will smother you with kisses. She has a surprisingly deep bark, sounding more like a basset hound when she gets alarmed. Unlike some Dachshunds, she has no trouble navigating her way up and down stairs, climbing up on the couch, or even reaching the bathroom faucets.

This beautiful dog gets along well with all the other dogs in the house, although the older dogs grumble a bit at her puppy hijinks. Her new owners will need to continue working with her on being housebroken, as she still has some accidents inside.

To learn more about adopting Sissy - or to adopt any other Toledo-area rescue dogs or donate to help save more animals - please visit the Planned Pethood website.

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