Apr 19, 2009


I chanced upon a group of people in West Toledo today who were in the midst of cutting down a 60-foot pine tree. The arrival of raindrops did not deter the tree-cutters from finishing their goal of arboreal annihilation, and a small crowd of gawkers joined me to watch the tree's last minutes of direct connection with the soil.

There were no stays of the impending execution, and six people with a rope helped along the process. The felled trunk smacked the ground with a satisfying THUD that I could feel through a nearby lawn as I stood across the street from the action.

The folks I found most surprising were those with children in a car on the street. They paused to watch the felling, and ended up being perhaps 15 feet from where the trunk hit the ground. From where I stood, this was a bit too close for comfort, especially since there were three children in the back seat, but admittedly I tended to be overly cautious when my children were young. Perhaps the family has well-funded travel medical insurance; who knows?

Still, had the tree veered to the left 10 or 15 degrees, the four-door sedan (just out of sight in the bottom left of the image) would surely have been in the path of the falling trunk. Way uncool, that.

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