Apr 10, 2009

When Humans Act Like Monsters: A Rescue Dog Horror Story

My wife and I have volunteered with animal rescue groups for a few years now, and we have helped some dogs who have survived some pretty horrific abuse and neglect. Yet just when we think we have seen the worst that human beings can inflict upon canines, along comes a dog like Missy, who is pictured on your left.

She arrived unexpectedly today after her former owner threatened to euthanize the dog if Planned Pethood did not immediately drive out to an outlying rural town and pick up this little pooch. I was shocked at the severely emaciated dog I met today, and she is probably at least 40 percent under her ideal weight. This dog is nothing but bones, skin, and what remains of her hair, much of which appears to have fallen out due to either nervousness or perhaps an allergic skin condition.

Missy, it seems, spent virtually the entire day in a small cage because her former owners fought about the dog being allowed in the house. The husband hated the dog, I am told, and physically beat the dog, referring to it by such endearing names as "stupid" and "f***ing beast." Neither human owner properly fed or groomed this dog, whose nails curve around under her feet like crusty letter Js.

Yet this dog is very sweet, although she cannot quite get used to the idea that a human hand does not mean a beating. Unfortunately, her legs are spindly due to overcrating and malnutrition, so she spends most of her time laying down, but she seems quite happy to sit peacefully by us and watch television.

At this point Missy has yet to see a vet, as I could not make a last-minute appointment on Good Friday, so I cannot disclose any health issues she might have beyond emaciation and neglect. However, at first glance she seems to be free from any obvious health concerns, despite her history of abuse. More to come as we learn about this poor dog, who is in such disturbing shape that I cannot even make an educated guess about her breed.

Out of a sense of organizational professionalism I am going to refrain from launching into a full-blown tirade against the sort of people who could allow a sweet little dog like this to suffer in such an obvious fashion. This is also due to the fact that confidentiality assurances may have been made to the person who tipped off Planned Pethood, and I could jeopardize any arrangements unknown to me.

But you know where the comments section is located, and free speech is a tenet for which I have great respect. Moreover, I understand that karma is quite the unforgiving and unrelentless vixen, so I take solace that the twisted perpetrators of this abuse will reap similar harvests from the pestiferous seeds they have sown.

Anyways, to learn more about adopting Toledo-area rescue dogs, or to financially support Planned Pethood's animal rescue efforts, visit the Planned Pethood website for more details.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Poor thing. That is the face of my little Suzy Q, a border terrier/Jack Russell mix. We had to have her put down almost exactly two years ago, and I still miss her.

Lisa Renee said...

I wish I could take her in Mike...but I'm glad you did.

ProfessorSeal said...

This is something that makes my cherub-like demeanor vanish and reaching for the baseball bat. Whoever did this . . .

Carol said...

Poor little Missy. I am hoping that her abuse has not left her with serious medical needs. If she is essentially healthy (no major diseases or organ failure) it will be a long road to bringing her nutritional status up to par.

I will volunteer to return to Ohio just to 'educate' the previous owners on how to NOT treat an animal. All I ask is that someone be readily available to post bail.

Molly said...

She breaks my heart. I'm so glad she's with you now. We've added her as the featured dog on the website.


Thanks again for all you do, Mike and family.

Mad Jack said...

You're a good man, HistoryMike.

My first reaction to this story is to begin an ex-owner re-education program using a blunt instrument as a sort of incentive. My thinking progressed to an extended ex-owner re-education program involving confinement of the ex-owner in conditions specifically prohibited by the US Constitution. I have rejected those ideas. Here's what I really want: I six inner city gang members to beat this sorry excuse for a human being within an inch of his worthless life and leave him too crippled up to ever do anything like this again. I want those six to be arrested, indited, represented by the lousiest public defender in Lucas county and then tried by jury.

I want a seat on the jury.