May 4, 2009

Blog Remodeling

After switching to Blogger's newest platform, I am tweaking and reconfiguring this website. Thus, if you see some bizarre formatting or design problems in the next day or two, know that I am playing with the HTML coding to customize the site away from Blogger's cookie-cutter template choices.

My decision to update to the new platform owed much to the fact that the older "classic" templates seem unstable when using Java and CSS scripts, and the classic templates cannot support newer widgets like the "Followers" function.

BTW - does anyone else find the use of the term "Followers" to be a bit unsettling? I typically use this word in cult contexts, like with Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre. Also, it seems a bit egotistical for bloggers to refer to their "Followers," doesn't it? Heck, I would not even recommend following me to a parking lot, as we would wander for twenty minutes to find the car, let alone "follow" me in any other connotation.

But it is only a word, only a word, right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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