May 28, 2009

Department of Pictures in Need of Captions

I do not know why I found this sign puzzlingly amusing, and thus worthy of recording in digital form for posterity. I turn to blog readers for suggestions on a caption for the photograph, since even a second cup of afternoon coffee cannot seem to jar my brain into witticisms.

The city's salt piles, for those unfamiliar with these saline mounds, are located just north of the Veteran's Memorial Skyway over the Maumee River. Michiganders who take I-280 on their way to Cedar Point use this bridge on their rapid interstate passage through Toledo.

Here are some possible thought-provoking themes in your captionary quest:

* Salt as a preservative
* Salt as a seasoning
* Salt as a necessity for life
* Lot's wife, who turned into a pillar of salt
* Salt as a symbol of wisdom
* Spilled salt and bad luck
* Phrases: "road salt," "old salt," "salt of the Earth," "taken with a grain of salt," "worth his salt."

Leave your suggestions in the comments section, and thank you in advance for any captions you create.


dr-exmedic said...

This doesn't need a funny caption, it needs a big round of WTF?!?! This is the only time I've ever seen a salt pile without a roof over it. Don't they understand that salt is water-soluble? Or have they just given up on any pretense of trying to conserve the taxpayers' dollars?

Incidentally, my word verification is "dedrott," which you can make of what you will. :)

Tim Higgins said...

Since the mountain of salt is in the background and above, and the arrow is pointing down at nothing:

"Toledo, a grain of salt before a mountain of debt."

Mad Jack said...

How do you catch Leviathan? Put a little salt on his tail!

steve said...

"Mr Finkbiner, you have the podium."

"Thank you.. Thank you.. Esteemed guests. What stands behind me is a wonderful example of how city council and the Mayors office can come together and work for the good of the city. The Toledo Mount Kilimanjaro tourist attraction will draw in badly needed tourism dollars and will help alleviate this cities massive budget shortfall..."

microdot said...

"Do Not Eat"


"Warning! This Is A No Slug Zone"

Of Course, this could have only have been the beginning of the famous Deli-Vatsn of Northern Ohio...
Miles of storage containers along the roadside containing the finished products: cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad etc. and the stockpiles of the raw natural ingredients such as salt, mustartd mayo and catsup in their unprocessed raw state as they are mined from the bowels of the earth.
These facilities are world famous but soon to be classed a high security zones and off limits to photos....

by the way, my verification code is unhap...what should I make of this?

Randy said...

"The City of Toledo takes a stand against low-sodium diets."

Hooda Thunkit said...


I had a question regarging the spelling of the word "salt," but the pile IS white...


historymike said...

Thanks for the submissions and the updates on the weird Blogger word verifications.

I laughed the most at Hooda Thunkit's Beavis-and-Butthead response. Probably says something about me.