May 21, 2009

God is Watching Me ... in the Restroom

While using the restroom at a local fast food restaurant, I noticed a business card taped to the mirror. It was one of those religious tracts, and the headline read: "'You Say: No One Sees Me.' GOD SEES YOU."


I am not sure if a fire-and-brimstone patron deliberately put the card in the restroom, or if some prankster employee found it funny to tape it to the mirror, but I doubt that the folks at Old Paths Tract Society ever imagined this use for their cards.

The photo is a reenactment, by the way. It was strange enough to have divine accompaniment when I engaged in my business without fetching my camera to catch the original placement.


ltlop said...

This might work better than the "Employees must wash hands before returning to work" signs

historymike said...

Ha! Well said, ltlop! This is an angle I had not considered.