May 12, 2009

Jumpstarting the Global Economy and Warming the Earth, One Chimenea at a Time

We formally retired our rusted outdoor fireplace today, and in its place we purchased a cast-iron chimenea for our outdoor gatherings. I trust that this fireplace will last a decade or more, especially given its considerable weight and sturdy moving parts.

Any global warming activists in my neighborhood will no doubt be disappointed at my decision to burn dead tree branches and kindling for the bourgeois activities of marshmallow-roasting and hotdog-toasting, but alas: I am a person with lengthy traditional ties to such behaviors.

The chimenea, despite its historical origins in Mexico, is typically manufactured in lands with cheaper labor. Ours was no exception, being produced in China, though some American import, distribution, and wholesale businesses likely helped drive up the price I paid at Menards. Still, in a globalized world, any manufactured widgets I buy mean that I am stuffing less cash in the proverbial mattress and pumping more into the consumer-oriented economies of the world.

But for the moment I prefer to warm my hands in front of the chimenea and enjoy the company, rather than become weighted down with the global ramifications of the purchase of a farking fire pit.


Mad Jack said...

Made In China One of the few countries that has cheaper labor than Mexico.

So why are the global warming activists upset with you? What else would you burn besides wood? Coal is dirtier than the Finkbeiner administration, and gas is both expensive and impractical, plus it makes the marshmallows taste funny.

historymike said...

Why, MadJack, burning wood makes for a greater CARBON FOOTPRINT and the production of CARBON DIOXIDE that will lead to THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.

Sheesh. Better get with the GW program and say some GW mantras to re-establish orthdoxy.

(end sarcasm)