May 25, 2009


Sure, there are only a half-dozen lilies in this patch of garden, and some of the blossoms have yet to open, and my fence needs painting, but I still enjoy the contrast between the fuchsia and orange hues in these lilies. Unfortunately, any flower that cannot stand up to the paws of a charging 25-pound Puggle must be located in the front yard, as my dogs have worn down some of my less-hardy flowers this year.

Lilies fall into this category, and several lilies that had the audacity to sprout in the most frequently traveled Puggle paths found themselves pounded into the ground this year. I will relocate said flowers to a better location for next spring, or instead I might install an automatic shower faucet to spray the pooches if they stray into protected areas.


Mr. Puggle said...

those naughty puggles. hey! what am i sayin? i AM a naughty puggle too? hahahaha.

glad your beautiful flowers were able to be relocated.

Carol said...

Those are beautiful, Mike! I just love the lillies. They always seem so regal.

As for those puggles ... you really need to get a handle on them, ya know. heeheeheeheeee