May 5, 2009

On Deserted Islands and Social Isolation

Pictured on your left is a small island in the Maumee River near the land intersection of Copland and River Roads. I could pretend to be snooty and mention that I took the picture from the grounds of the Toledo Country Club, but I am sure most of you would not fall for such trickery.

Besides, I was a guest at a catered event there.

There is a part of me that craves solitude, and I have often daydreamed that a deserted island might be just the place to go. That is, not a deserted Pacific Ocean island a thousand miles or more from the nearest human habitation, but rather a small patch of turf somewhat isolated from Westgate
traffic, cell phones, and door-to-door salespersons.

The pictured island appears on maps, but I do not see a name listed for it. Certainly I would not be traversing the island for the first time in human history were I to row across the Maumee and set foot on terra firma, but the idea of camping out on this chunk of land appeals to the Huck Finn lurking inside of me.

Left: location of the unknown island

I snuck outside several times during the fancy event I attended to gaze at the island, wondering what it would be like to live there. The evening air resonated with the sounds of agitated geese, and the Maumee River was all but free from boaters at dusk Saturday. The only urbanized sounds I heard was the distant hum of vehicles across the I-80/90 bridge a mile or so upstream, along with the occasional noisy car stereo up on River Road.

The trips outside were reinvigorating, as I am the type of person who finds large parties to be energy-draining experiences. I can smile, shake hands, and converse in a social setting for just so long before I get antsy and look for a place to get away from the crowd.

A nearby deserted island would serve well this purpose when I desire the peace of extended solitude.


Tim Higgins said...


Such a refuge is indeed inviting, at least until the next big flood.

historymike said...

Heh - if I commandeer this island, perhaps I should build on stilts.

microdot said...

Funny, now I'm obsessed with findong the name of that marshy protuberance in the Maumee.
I will let you knw if I do...