May 19, 2009

On Symmetry in Nature and Landscaping

While reviewing some images I took of a local swamp, I came across the accompanying photograph. I did not intend to achieve the photographic symmetry I achieved, as I was instead trying to get some images of a mother duck and a half-dozen ducklings. However, these days I am trying to simply take the images that come my way instead of grumbling too much about missed opportunities.

Symmetry appeals to some deep-seated intellectual compulsion in my head. I tend to plan out my gardens with an eye toward symmetrical growth and display, though as any gardener can tell you, planted designs rarely match the eventual march of natural forces.

My wife, on the other hand, gravitates toward randomness and aesthetic unpredictability in landscaping. She prefers creating the effect of accidental beauty, as opposed to my grids and shapes. I think she has started to wear me down, though, as I planted a flat of red impatiens the other in a series of arbitrary splotches instead of my usual rows and geometric patterns.

However, I reserve the right to revert back to eye-appealing patterns: I think it is hard-wired in me.


Anonymous said...

cool pic mikey!

Cecile said...

Nice post. There really has to have a balance between nature and landscaping. They should compliment each other as they go side by side. I love your designs and how you put it all together.

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