May 2, 2009

Puggle Diggery

I am not sure what sort of creature my 18-month-old Puggle Chauncey smelled, but I had to chuckle at the furious effort he put forth in an attempt to unearth his prey. If you peer closely, you can see the fast-action flying dirt clumps from Chauncey's busy paws.

Normally I discourage such hole-digging by my canine friends, despite the fact that my backyard is far from an award-winning work of landscaping. Yet I admit I admired the sheer determination of Mr. Chauncey Gardiner, and proper doggie discipline had to await the arrival of my wife, who quickly reprimanded both me and Chauncey.

This must make me an excavation enabler, or a codependent cavern creator.


Mr. Puggle said...

Wasn't there a Diggery in Narnia? Go for it Chauncey! You only live once. Sorry you both got in trouble!

Mad Jack said...

He's probably going after a mole. I'm surprised he didn't catch it, as talented as he obviously is.

Carol said...

Mike - that's funny! Looks like Chauncey is quite intent on reaching his goal!

The black Lab that adopted us last year has developed a trait of taking any cookie, bone, treat, etc. directly out the back door and burying it in the yard.

In all my years of owning dogs (correction: being owned by dogs) I have never had one that actually buried things! She's hysterical with it.

Thanks for sharing! Tell Mrs. Brooks to lighten up - life is too short to be disturbed over Chauncey and his adventures. :)

Mad Jack said...

I keep coming back to this picture of Mr. Chauncey Gardiner. I find it cheering, maybe because Chauncey is so clearly enjoying himself. In the way of dogs, Chauncey will never understand why Mrs. HistoryMike is so upset with him, but he'll get over it quickly and would never consider holding a grudge.