May 24, 2009

Selling Bird Bath Water

Yes, it was a bit sneaky of me to photoshop out the cooler below the sign that contained bottled water, but I had to recreate the mental image that popped into my head when I passed this vendor at the Toledo Farmers' Market today. I am sure that the 50 cent bottles of water were a good investment for the thousands of people milling about the Market for the annual Flower Day.

Anyways, there were quite a few vendors with plants for landscaping and gardening, as well as a wide variety of crafts and food items (yes, I resisted the bratwurst). We listened for a few minutes to an acoustic bluegrass band, and we purchased a few lilies for the gardens.

I also resisted the coney dogs, Polish sausages, and kettle corn that called out to me, promising me gastronomic pleasure at the cost of a few millimeters of waistline. Get thee behind me, festival food, lest my skin break out and I have a middle-aged need for acne treatments.

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Jim Styro said...

I applaud your self-control in the Eating Dept. My eating to exercise ratio has been all screwed up since I started blogging - and I fear that I am either too strung out (on my blogging addiction), stupid, or stubborn to "restore balance to the Force."

Anyway, be sure to check out my blog tomorrow. You may see something that will interest you.