May 8, 2009

Update: Missy, a Rescue Terrier

Several folks have emailed me regarding the status of Missy, a female terrier mix we are fostering. You can read the earlier posts about Missy's abusive former owners if you want to know the background of this abused dog.

On the left is a picture I took just a few minutes ago as Missy raced around the yard with the other dogs. She is still learning about sharing, and occasionally gets into spats with our youngest Puggle Chauncey over toys, but she is gradually becoming a more social dog.

At the vet appointment today Missy weighed 15 pounds, which is a gain of over three pounds in one month. Much of her hair is growing back, or at least in the fuzzy stage, and you have to get up close to her before you can see that she still has a few bare spots.

We are especially heartened at Missy's return to higher energy levels. In the first week she was with us, she mostly laid around, and her leg muscles had begun to atrophy from a lack of use. Today she is bounding around the yard after squirrels and birds, and she can jump up to three feet in the air when she gets excited.

Anyways, thanks to all of you who have donated to Planned Pethood - especially regular blog visitor MadJack and several anonymous donors - as every donation helps dogs like Missy get a second chance on life. With the economy the way it is, we are seeing a tremendous spike in dogs being abandoned and winding up at local pounds and shelters, so any dollar you can spare is helpful.

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