Jun 2, 2009

A Dog Who Loves Bowling Balls

While visiting some friends the other day, we were entertained by their dog Bella, who is a rather large black-and-tan German shepherd. Bella, you see, has quite an affinity for her own personal bowling ball, and she spends quite a bit pushing the ball around the yard with her nose.

Bella has yet to master the ability to use one of her paws to throw a 15-board hook, but she displays greater bowling skills than any other dog I have known, and is perhaps a better bowler than at least a few humans. She also has absolutely no use for weight loss pills, as Bella is in fine shape.

Not that any sensible person would give such things to dogs, mind you.

Bella is also quite a serious bowler, and she growls if anyone tries to interrupt her while bowling. I should try this technique the next time I get ready to throw my first ball and some screaming kids are on the next lane during open bowling: "G-R-R-R-R-R-R!"

Wait... I think that already describes my demeanor when some tool breaks my concentration as I look for my mark. Never mind.